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Kurl for Kids Jackets and Shirts Available for Purchase at Dynasty!

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We are happy to announce that the new Team Kurl for Kids Official Jacket, Long Sleeve Jersey and Short Sleeve Jerseys, designed by Kevin Hurrie Designs is now available for purchase at Dynasty Curling!

The design was inspired by the coast to coast representation of our humble charityspiel and we have done our best to make it as inclusive as possible.  We hope you like it!

Copy the link below to go directly to the site.

-Bill Garner

31st Kurl for Kids Reboot

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Hi Everyone,

I hope this email finds you all happy, health and eager to get back to a rockin’ good time at Easter!

We are currently starting preparations for the 31st Kurl for Kids to take place April 14th – 16th, 2022.  With Covid-19 rules ever evolving we look to plan an event that fits with the Provinicial and Federal guidelines and restrictions.  Please stay tuned for more updates in the weeks and months to come.

As well, we will start adding skips as they are confirmed, please see the home page for a current list as skips start confirming in mid December.

Yours in health,

Bill Garner

Update: Event postponed until April 2021

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Hello everyone!  I hope this announcement finds you all healthy and happy.

After some great discussion around the 31st Kurl for Kids Pro-Am Charityspiel and the current covid-19 situation we have decided to reschedule the event until April 1st to 3rd, 2021 (next Easter).

There were so many factors that went into this decision but in the end we unanimously agreed that we didn’t want to run an event unless we could all enjoy it to the fullest.

If anyone can’t make next year’s event and would like a refund please let us know(  For those that are able to roll their entry over to next year it does halo the event and we do appreciate it.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected].
Until we meet again!
Bill Garner
Executive Director

Update: Event tentatively rescheduled Aug 21-22 2020

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Hi Kurl for Kids Family,

I hope this post finds you all and your’s in good health.
While the current situation in the world is still looking bleak I remain optimistic and hope that we will still be able to get together in 2020 for the 31st Annual Kurl for Kids Charityspiel.
With that in mind your Kurl for Kids Committee has been hard at work reorganizing the event and modifying it slightly.  We are currently looking to run the event August 21st to 22nd at the Oakville Curling Club and staying at the Holiday Inn as usual.  Exact details are still to be finalized however we are looking at having a shorter banquet and skip selection Friday night (at the Curling Club) with everyone curling their first game Friday night.  Games will continue Saturday along with the finals.
We’re hoping that everyone is able to still make it and those that couldn’t make it in April can now make it in August.
Next steps…
1. For those of you already registered who would like to play August 21-22nd, you’re all set.  No need to do anything.
2. For those of you that would like to play in August and are not currently registered please visit to register for August (we’ll invoice you closer to the event).
3. For those of you have can’t make it this year you have three options
a.  Sign up for the 2021 (32nd Annual) Kurl for Kids and we’ll apply your entry fee for next year (email [email protected] to request this)
b.  Donate in full or part your registration to the OHF or SSF (email  to request this)
c.  For those that would like a refund, full refunds will be available upon request. Please email [email protected].
We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible this summer for what is looking to be one of the best Kurl for Kids ever!  Updated skip list will be on as usual along with an updated Schedule of Events for the weekend.
Bill Garner
Executive Director

Update: Kurl for Kids April 2020 – Postponed

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Hi Everyone,

With the global, national and local situation concerning Covid-19, we are no longer able to host the 31st Annual Kurl for Kids Charityspiel on Easter weekend this year.  After a very productive virtual meeting, we have decided as a committee to postpone the event at this time, rather than cancel it altogether.  We have already begun working on new dates later in 2020 when we can run a version of this event worthy of its traditional form.  Please hold your questions at this time until we have had the opportunity to come up with firm details.  Please note that it is our intent to offer full refunds to those that can’t make it to the new date.
Thank you for your patience during this stressful time.  On behalf of the committee, we want to extend our wishes of good health to all participants and their families as we stand together in solidarity.

30th Executive Director Speech 2019 -“Oh the Lives We’ll Change”

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Oh The Lives We’ll Change

Today is our day.
We’re raising some money!
For Kids ev’ry way!
We have rings on the ice
We have sliders on shoes
And auctions and raffles
And did I mention there’s booze?
We have curling pros.  And they bring what they know.
You can pick one because you’ve raised so much dough.
You’ll see there are four Scotts.  Look ’em over with care
About one you might say. “I don’t choose to go there”
With a Schneider right there and a Wark at your feet.
you’ll never go wrong choosing girls that bring heat.
And you may find a Foster
dressed up in a gown
In that case of course
she’s drawing houses all round.
She’s hotter here
in the cold cold rink air.
On the ice things can happen
and frequently do
to Koe’s as shoeless
and famous as you.
And when Birnie slides out
don’t falter.  Don’t woo.
Just slide right along
You’ll meet Superman too.
We’ll help babies grow up!
we’ll support them with love!
They’ll do such great things
and have lives they dream of
You won’t lag behind, because you’ll have Chadwick
He can really control that house with his stick!
Whomever you pick, Cotter, Beuk, Gates, McQuaid
However you throw, all your shots will be made.
Except when you don’t
Because, sometimes you won’t
I’m sorry to say so
but, sadly it’s true
picked rocks 
can also happen to you.
You can get behind three
four, five, a big bunch
And your draw will sail through.
You’ll be itching for Lunch.
You’ll come in for some lunch
really hungry for meat.
Wond’ring why Ty George was
a guy you couldn’t beat.
And when you’ve been beat
by a Yank it’s no fun.
Eight-ending yourself
is not easily done.
You will look for a Polo, Court George or the like.
You’ll wish they were easy, like riding a bike. 
With your Collins you’ll know you’re great at the lead!
Laura Strong at the back?  Or just Balsy and meed?
With Rob Harris though. Might be best to concede?
And IF Wes is there, you choose him or Lor-i…
or World Champ Miss Inglis? Or maybe Sac’cree
Or take PEI with Christianson, Marie?
Simple it is not, I’m afraid you will find,
for a mind-maker-upper to make up their mind.
You can get so confused
that you’ll start in to race
cross wide ocean gaps to a Europe-y place
and search through the hills across Frenchish wild space
headed, I cheer for a big wondrous place.
The German Place…
…where people are just waiting
Waiting for curling to go
or ein beer to come, or a horn to blow
or the dance to start, or the wall to go
or the wine to pour, or the snow to snow
or waiting around for a”Ja” or a No.
Everyone is just waiting.
Waiting for the pebbled ice
or waiting for Megan or my wife
or waiting around for ‘nother life
or a rock to pick or get through a crack
Or waiting, perhaps for a Gushulak.
or a stone to curl, or an auction take
or a draw to stop, or a tick shot make
Everyone is just waiting
That’s not for you!
Somewhere you’ll soon find
there’s Andy Capp but no Wrench.
You’ll see more great skips
where the best one’s named Jentsch.
With LeDrews flip-flopping
once more you’ll score high!
Tapping and doub’ling girl or guy.
Raising because you know you can’t tie!
Oh, the money we’ll raise!  There is fun to be done!
There are points to be scored. There’s a Russian what fun!
And the magical things Galkina does with a rock
will make you the winning-est winner of talk
Fame! You’ll be famous as famous can be,
with the curling club watching you throw to the tee
Except when they don’t.
Because, sometimes, they won’t
I’m happy that Anil
will be looking at you
through his long lens
snapping pics of the crew
With friends
Whether you like it or not,
With friends will be something
you’ll be quite a lot
K 4 K fam’ly, each Easter with a band
You’ll meet a bunch of great people like Brittany Tran
And the one down the road, from Saskatch-ewon
Sara England can wow you with stories ’till dawn
And fun you will have
though the morning be bright
Fun you will have
though your hangovers fight
Fun you will have
through the day and the night
Onward through many
a weakening draw
though your arms may get sore
and your Ashams may gnaw.
On and on you will curl
and I know you’ll curl well
its for the kids you curl now
with pins on lapel.
You’ll find mixed teams, of course
as you already know.
You’ll get mixed teams
with many strange birds as you go.
So be sure when you pick
Think hard and listen to me
And know that Sarnia
will fight for Sister Koo-ee.
Just never forget to be dexterous and deft
And don’t step down on right if your gripper’s on left.
And will we succeed?
For the Kids, We will indeed!
(it’s our THIRTIETH …we’re guaranteed!!)
K4K Family, you make a difference!
Be your name Birnie, Beuk or Bals-done
or Kimberly Schneider  Marie Christian-son
There are many great skips!
Today is your day!
Your weekend is waiting
So…get on your way!!!

Thank you.

New to the Kurl for Kids Family…

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Hi Everyone,

I received this email from a new member of the Kurl for Kids Family c/o Mark Partington.


My name is Kendra DeVaal.  You do not know me yet but you do know my Papa Mark. My Papa is

writing this for me as I am too little to do it myself.

Monday morning at 1 am my sister and I were born at Mt Sinai hospital. My mom was induced 4 wks

early because my sister was getting bigger than me. Kylie was born first at 6.3 lbs and I came next. I

was only 3.9 lbs. I was have trouble keeping warm so they put me in an incubator so I could use all

my energy to get bigger. Kylie and my mommy, Kelly, were discharged on Tuesday but I had to stay

in the hospital(Mommy stayed with me. On Wednesday night they took me to Oakville where I am

getting great care. My only problem is keeping warm but as I put on weight that will get better.

I have put on a whole ounce already.

My Papa told me that you have all helped him through donations to the hospital when her curls in

the Kurl4Kids bonspiel. He even told me they have bought a bed like I am in with some of the money.

I hope to be home with my Mommy and Daddy and sisters soon. I am little but I am a fighter Papa says.

On behalf of my Mommy, Daddy, big sister Mackayla and twin sister Kylie, Oma and Opa (grandparents)

Grandma, Papa Mark and myself I want to thank you for your generosity.

Papa says when we all pull together we DO make a difference.

Kendra DeVaal”

*email from Mark Partington, Member of the Oakville Curling Club and an integral part of the Kurl for Kids Family

Dec 4th, 2018 Update:

“A quick update
Kendra and Kylie are now almost 3 months old. Kylie is 11 pounds
and our wee one is now a healthy 8 pounds 10 ounces. They are a
lot of work for Mom and Dad so Grandma and Papa have been
spending a lot of time helping out. Just holding one while Mom
feeds the other, being there while Mom pops out to run an
errand or pick up Mackayla (2 & 1/2 yr old) at daycare to folding
laundry. Anything to help out and get a snuggle.
What you do for the little ones is inspiring and I once again want
to thank you so much. Your friendship means a lot to me.
I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
and a Happy New Year.

I shall see you in the new year at another successful Kurl4Kids bonspiel.

One very blessed and happy Papa.

Mark Partington”

Broom Wrap Installation and Ordering

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For those who took their broom wraps home and would like to learn how to install them, please see the following installation video.

If you would like to order a broom wrap please email [email protected].  We are working on a price to order and ship individual wraps.  Last names only are printed (names subject to approval by Kurl for Kids Committee)


Broom Wrap lay outIMG_7623

WYNTK about the #29thK4K

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In preparation for the start of the #29thK4K, we wanted to give you the 411 on what you need to know (WYNTK) about the various events happening throughout the weekend.

The Hospitality Suite

To get entrance into the infamous hospitality suite, you need to purchase a bracelet. This beautiful piece of jewellery (aka a red paper band) is available for just $20 CAD – trust us, it is worth it!

Payment can be made when you get to the registration table on Thursday night (debit and credit accepted). If you aren’t attending the banquet but need a bracelet, let someone from the committee know.

Don’t Forget – Friday is country night!

The Passports

As with last year, the passports are available again this year! For those of you who don’t know, the passport is your all access pass to the additional games.

Your passport includes:

  • A registration for the draw to the button competition
  • Raffle tickets (x20)
  • X5 “Pick 6” selections

You can pay in debit, credit or cash at the registration desk for the passport or, should you choose to forego the passport, you can purchase tickets to each of these games individually.

The Draw to the Button Competition

It’s exactly as it sounds! You draw to the button against the other Joes & Janes for the ultimate prize. The winner of the Joes & Janes draw to the button wins THE CASH (from the entries) and 1 week accommodation at Stu Sell’s vacation home in Florida (more details will be provided at the event).

Now, the winner of the Joes & Janes draw to the button also gets to compete against the Pros draw to the button winner. This is for honour only.

The Raffle

The raffle table runs FRIDAY ONLY. Don’t miss out on some great things because you got it confused with the silent auction. You can’t bid your way to a win this day.

The silent auction

The silent auction runs SATURDAY ONLY. Same as above, don’t mix it up with the raffle items, more money gets you what you want this day!


One week left! Take your fundraising to the next level

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By far the hardest part about fundraising is asking for money. Why? Because not all of us can shamelessly ask people for money (although huge respect for those who can!).

Making the list of appropriate people to ask…
Worrying about the timing…
Wording your email to invoke an emotional response so people “feel” the cause …
But balancing that with not making people feel obligated to donate.

There are a lot of considerations when fundraising and you want to make sure you stay true to your own communication style. So, how do you get the most out of your efforts? Here are a few rules we live by:

  • Be clear on the cause
  • Be upfront: tell them why it is important to you
  • Be prescriptive: tell people what you want, not just ask them to donate
  • Discuss the IMPACT: what will their money do?
  • Express Gratitude (thank you notes mean a lot!)

Essentially, you need to have an elevator pitch!

Perfecting your Pitch

You need to know what you want to say and how you are going to say it in less than 30 seconds. People’s time (and money) is valuable to them, so you need to give them a clear reason to give it to you. Here is an example:

Kurl for Kids is a charity organization that hosts a pro-am charity bonspiel in support of neonatal care across Canada. Now in its 29th year, K4K has raised over $2.5 million dollars and we’re not stopping there. Help me support this great cause! I’m looking to raise X amount of dollars/I’m challenging all my friends to donate $20 dollars and all the proceeds go right to the hospitals to help provide better care for the tiny humans who need it.

Struggling to reach your fundraising goal and short of ideas?

Here are some we have tried in the past that go above and beyond your standard “email”:

  • Post a challenge to have X amount of people donate X amount of dollars to help you reach your goal
  • Host a donut, pizza or any other kind of day at your work, charge $2-5 dollars per unit (but the exposure is more important ;))
  • Do a 50/50 raffle at an event you are at
  • Ask your company – corporate sponsorships count!
  • Do a birthday campaign – what makes a better present than donating for a good cause?

No matter what you do, you have to put yourself out there a little bit. Remember #itsforthekids #29thK4K.

What are some of the creative ways you fundraise? We’d like to hear from you!