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New to the Kurl for Kids Family…

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Hi Everyone,

I received this email from a new member of the Kurl for Kids Family c/o Mark Partington.


My name is Kendra DeVaal.  You do not know me yet but you do know my Papa Mark. My Papa is

writing this for me as I am too little to do it myself.

Monday morning at 1 am my sister and I were born at Mt Sinai hospital. My mom was induced 4 wks

early because my sister was getting bigger than me. Kylie was born first at 6.3 lbs and I came next. I

was only 3.9 lbs. I was have trouble keeping warm so they put me in an incubator so I could use all

my energy to get bigger. Kylie and my mommy, Kelly, were discharged on Tuesday but I had to stay

in the hospital(Mommy stayed with me. On Wednesday night they took me to Oakville where I am

getting great care. My only problem is keeping warm but as I put on weight that will get better.

I have put on a whole ounce already.

My Papa told me that you have all helped him through donations to the hospital when her curls in

the Kurl4Kids bonspiel. He even told me they have bought a bed like I am in with some of the money.

I hope to be home with my Mommy and Daddy and sisters soon. I am little but I am a fighter Papa says.

On behalf of my Mommy, Daddy, big sister Mackayla and twin sister Kylie, Oma and Opa (grandparents)

Grandma, Papa Mark and myself I want to thank you for your generosity.

Papa says when we all pull together we DO make a difference.

Kendra DeVaal”

*email from Mark Partington, Member of the Oakville Curling Club and an integral part of the Kurl for Kids Family