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March 2020

Update: Kurl for Kids April 2020 – Postponed

By Event details

Hi Everyone,

With the global, national and local situation concerning Covid-19, we are no longer able to host the 31st Annual Kurl for Kids Charityspiel on Easter weekend this year.  After a very productive virtual meeting, we have decided as a committee to postpone the event at this time, rather than cancel it altogether.  We have already begun working on new dates later in 2020 when we can run a version of this event worthy of its traditional form.  Please hold your questions at this time until we have had the opportunity to come up with firm details.  Please note that it is our intent to offer full refunds to those that can’t make it to the new date.
Thank you for your patience during this stressful time.  On behalf of the committee, we want to extend our wishes of good health to all participants and their families as we stand together in solidarity.